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Age Management Lotion   30ml (1 fl.oz)



Price: $59.00


Pellelucent 30ml (1 fl.oz) Age-Management Lotion is the lighter alternative to Pellelucent Cream products. It contains the same levels of active ingredients as the Cream but offers a different experience in terms of texture and application. The Lotion is ideal for those who prefer an anti-aging product that is light and quickly absorbed. It works wonderfully as a day-cream and it is also popular with women living in warm and humid climates. Pellelucent 30ml (1 fl.oz) Lotion's core active ingredients strengthen, protect and re-vitalize the appearance of your skin. The formulation includes our unique combination of anti-oxidants, vitamins and seaweed extract that, with continued use, provide long-term benefits to the skin.

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